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New Favorite

"We love our cabinets and Monkey Bars. The garage our new favorite room in the house. "

Tyrel P - Butte

Much Better

"Our garage looks so much better! Thanks for getting us organized. "

Paul S - Missoula

Love Our System

"We love our Monkey Bar System, we have so much more room in our garage. "

Jeff L - Missoula

Unique Garage Floor Tiles In Missoula

You have a unique personality and unique tastes in decor. Why not create a garage floor that reflects that individuality? Create a beautiful garage floor with our variety of garage floor tiles in Missoula.

  • Durable Flooring: Waterproof and stain proof without gaps or dips, our garage floor tiles in Missoula are perfect for many spaces.
  • No More Slips: When our tiles get wet, they do not become a slip hazard. There are channels beneath the tiles that allow for easy drainage.
  • Versatile: If you ever move from to a new home, you can take your floor tiles with you to have them installed in your new home.

garage tiles missoula

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Everything in Its place

Give order to your garage by putting items in specific places. We can help you create the perfect storage and organization plan for your unique space. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Garage Floor Tiles Missoula

Garage Flooring Missoula

Best Garage Floor Tiles Missoula Has To Offer

Create a garage floor that is completely different than that of your neighbor. In addition to looking great, our garage floor tiles also add value to your home. Read below to find out more about the benefits of garage floor tiles.

Fast Installation: Within a matter of hours, your new garage floor will be completely installed. Because this floor does not need to dry, you can begin using it immediately!

Strength: With a rollover strength of 75,000 lbs, this flooring is easily able to handle family cars or heavier vehicles without breaking a sweat.

UV Safe: Our garage floor tiles have been manufactured with UV resistance, meaning they will not fade or yellow as quickly as the other floor tiles on the market.

Quality Materials: We sell some of the thickest and most durable tiles on the market, to ensure maximum strength and longevity for our customers.

Warranty: With a 15 year warranty, why wouldn’t you get a gorgeous new garage floor?



Want to learn more about the products used in renovations on the well known TV shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition and HGTV’s Property Brothers? Give us a call today!

Benefits of Garage Tiles

Our floor tiles have a variety of benefits that make them perfect for our customers’ needs. Read below to find out more about our diverse floor tiles.

Easy Cleaning: Don’t worry about buying special cleaning tools for these floor tiles, easily wipe up or wash away any spill.

Variety: We offer 19 color options and 5 different tile styles. The combinations or design options are nearly endless. Create the perfect garage floor for your home!

No Curling: Don’t feel like you need to tip-toe over your new floor tiles. With a four-point injection molding, our floor tiles are engineered to resist curling after years of wear and tear.

Multiple Uses:  Use the floor tiles for more than just your garage. Install garage tiles into multiple rooms in your home, your business, or commercial space.

Garage Flooring Tile Options

Diamondtrax Garage Flooring Tiles
Cointrax Garage Flooring Tiles
Ribtrax Garage Flooring Tiles

Sportrax Garage Flooring Tiles
Floortrax Garage Flooring Tiles
Garage Flooring Tiles
Multiple Options

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